Work Experience

Worked as a part-time translator for MacNews, one of the few Chinese magazines serving Apple users, bringing information on cutting-edge Macintosh technology and products into China
Worked as an in-house translator and interpreter for Shanghai Huanuan Boiler & Vessel Co., Ltd. Major responsibilities included translating corporate documents, designing and translating the company's website and interpreting for management and foreign specialists.


Embarked on the venture of becoming a freelance translator.

Translated and interpreted for CLSAGeneral Electric, iFirePepsi and Seagate.


Worked as a contracted translator and interpreter for Baosteel Corp, China's largest steel maker, responsible for facilitating communication between Chinese and Foreign experts, translating contracts and so on.


Established working relations with leading agencies, such as Dialogue, ScienceVantage and the BigWord.

Involved in localising the Marriott website and translating documents for AutoDesk, Hyperion and Microsoft.


Formed a team of translators to undertake the localisation of EVE, one of the most popular online games, developed by CCP. Translated and proofread a total of over 600,000 words.


Engaged the ongoing project for Nikon, translating their product brochures, leaflets, manuals and websites.

2009 - now

Working with agencies in Australia, such as Translationz and T&T Interpreting Services. Providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for medical, legal and business occasions.

Worked on a team to provide simultaneous interpreting services for AbbVie in Melbourne.


Worked as project manager at oDesk Corporation for translation projects from Google. Responsibilities included coordinating with team members and translators around the world, distributing assignments and monitoring progress, liasing between the client and translators, providing support to translators and identifying problems in the workflow and proposing solutions.


Acted as a court interpreter for the trial of the high-profile Lin-family murder case in Sydney.


Engaged in the translation of training materials for SAP, the industry leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

In May, interpreted in both consecutive and chuchotage modes for training sessions in Newell Rubbermaid's office in Melbourne, Australia.

Download my latest resume here.
Download my latest resume here.
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MacNews, Translation
Translation for MacNews
A screenshot from EVE
A screenshot from EVE
Brochure translation for Nikon
Brochure translation for Nikon
Outside the NSW Supreme Court after the trial of the Lin case. Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.
Outside the NSW Supreme Court after the trial of the Lin case. Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.
Outside Newell Rubbermaid's Melbourne office
Outside Newell Rubbermaid's Melbourne office