NAATI Certified Translation Products


NAATI, short for National Accreditation Authority  for Translators and Interpreters, is Australia's national body for setting and monitoring the standards for the translating and interpreting profession. NAATI accreditation is the only credential officially accepted by employers for the profession of translation and interpreting in Australia.

Professional level translators (formerly known as level three) may translate document for specific purposes and certify them with their NAATI stamps.

Below are a range of certificate translation products offered by Lingofish Translation Services. For the translation and certification of documents not included therein, please check the Services section or contact me to make an inquiry.

NAATI 是全国翻译口译认证权威机构的简称,是澳大利亚的全国性机构,负责设定并监督翻译和口译行业的标准。NAATI 认证是澳大利亚翻译和口译行业雇主唯一正式认可的资质。

专业级翻译(过去称为三级翻译)可翻译用于特定用途的文档,并用 NAATI 翻译专用章加以认证。


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